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Script Analysis 


An overall assessment of your screenplay, concentrating on plot, structure, character and dialogue, as well as specific page notes.  The analysis consists of 4-5 pages (single-spaced) of notes, a telephone conference and follow-up emails to answer any questions you might have. Turnaround time is generally 7 – 10 working days.


Fee: $300



Development Analysis


A comprehensive, in-depth analysis of your screenplay with specific and intensive development notes, similar to what you would receive from a production company or studio if your script were already in development.  The service includes a telephone conference and follow-up emails as well as the detailed notes. Turnaround time is generally 10 – 14 working days.


Fee: $450 



Loglines/Pitches/Query Letters


Help with writing compelling query letters and effective log lines as well as tips for creating an entertaining pitch for your project.  Fee: $75 if I have done an analysis of the script.  Please contact me for rates if you want to work solely on a pitch or query.



Evaluation of Manuscripts/Short Stories/Articles for adaptation


I will read your source material and give you my thoughts on how it might be adapted as a screenplay, identifying the cinematic arc or spine and coming up with creative yet pragmatic ways to re-imagine the story as a film.  Fee: dependent on material – please contact me to discuss. 

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