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"Working with Victoria Lucas has been a profound boon to my screenwriting. Her critiques of my scripts are unfailingly cogent and insightful, and are always delivered with the kindest, most supportive attitude and intent. Those qualities, combined with her deep perspective on the film industry, generosity, and wisdom make Victoria a dream ally to any writer, whatever their level of experience." 


--Richard Seidman, author, screenwriter, and writing coach

Victoria Lucas has almost 20 years of experience as a development and production executive at both major studios and independent film companies. 


She began her career as Dialogue Coach on “Through the Magic Pyramid,” a television movie directed by Ron Howard.  After the film wrapped, she continued with Howard’s Major H Productions (which later became Imagine Films), first as a reader, then Story Editor and finally Creative Executive.  Among the films she worked on at Imagine were “Clean and Sober”, “Backdraft”, and “Far and Away”.


Later, she joined with Academy Award-nominated producer Rudy Cohen to develop and produce the acclaimed coming of age film “The Island on Bird Street,” which was awarded a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, numerous audience awards at festivals around the world and later went on to win three daytime Emmy awards. 


As Production Executive, Director of Development and Associate Producer at Signature Pictures and April Productions, Lucas helped develop scripts as diverse as the religious thriller “The Body,” starring Antonio Banderas, the horror film “,” the action-adventure “Extreme Ops,” the mystery “The I Inside,” starring Ryan Phillippe and Sarah Polley and “The Black Dahlia,” based on the James Ellroy novel, directed by Brian de Palma and starring Scarlett Johansson and Hilary Swank and “The Contractor” for Sony Pictures, starring Wesley Snipes, Lena Headey and Charles Dance.  


Lucas currently works as an independent producer with her Ursa Minor Productions and runs a professional screenplay development service for producers, production companies and screenwriters.  She is also the on-air host for Arizona Public Media’s Saturday night feature film,  Hollywood at Home,  providing historical background and an insider’s look at the making of classic films.

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