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“Victoria Lucas is one of those rare development people who understand how scripts really work, and can show you how to make yours structurally better. I treasure her insights. You will too.”


Alex Epstein

Author, “Crafty Screenwriting"


What can a script consultant do for you and your screenplay?


Every day, hundreds of scripts are submitted to studios, production companies and literary agencies in Hollywood.  Most will be returned with a “Pass” and no explanation, leaving the writer to wonder why.


As an executive with both studio and independent credits, I have read thousands of screenplays and have developed scripts with well-known writers and with rookies.  I enjoy working with first-time screenwriters, with authors who wish to adapt a novel or short story to the screen and with established professionals looking for a fresh and knowledgeable take on their material.


I don’t provide “coverage”, which is designed for film executives looking to screen submissions.  While coverage can be useful for a general overview of your project, it will do little to help you improve your script. 


I give you:


     •Professional guidance to help your script reach its full potential;

     •In-depth analysis of your screenplay;

     •Constructive, practical script notes, offering creative solutions to problems of structure, story, character and theme;

     •Comprehensive follow-through, including a telephone story meeting and email support;

     •Help with pitches and query letters;

     •Evaluation of manuscripts, books, stories or articles for adaptation.


As the daughter and granddaughter of well-known Hollywood screenwriters, I understand the blood, sweat and tears it takes to complete a script.  But that initial draft is just the first step in the process of getting your script sold and produced.  My years of experience in both development and production have taught me how to help a writer transform a good script into a great script.


In the highly competitive world of filmmaking, a script must really stand out to get noticed and, more important, to be sold.  The creative eye and the guidance of a consultant with solid industry credits and experience can give your screenplay that competitive edge

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